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The Stony Point IB Faculty is comprised of  world-class educators with a combined total of 200 plus years of experience in advanced academic education. Highly qualified and committed to providing a rigorous and engaging educational experience to all students, the IB Diploma Programme teachers are here to support your IB and IB Prep students.



IB Leadership

Mr. Anthony Watson

IB Head of School


Ms. Andi  Brosché

IB Diploma Programme


Mrs. Janet Stading

IB Middle Years Coordinator


Copy of ProfessionalPhotoCropped.jpg
Ms. Jeanine Edson

IB Counselor

Grades 9-12

Prior to leading SPHS, Mr. Watson served as the Principal at Hopewell Middle School for eight years . He began his career in educational administration in Austin ISD by working as an assistant principal at Reagan High School for four years.  Mr. Watson earned a Master of Education in Educational Administration from the University of Texas in Austin and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Langston University in Oklahoma. He received his superintendent certificate from Lamar University in Beaumont in August 2012.

Ms. Brosché began her teaching career at an IB World School in Las Vegas in 1997. In the years since, she has served as an IB teacher, English department chair, IB MYP coordinator, & IB Diploma Programme coordinator. She earned her Master's of Educational Leadership & Policy from the University of Washington where she completed the Danforth Educational Leadership Program. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and holds a Texas Principal's Credential. When not involved in all things IB, she lives in Austin with her Maine Coon, "Gene Hackman", and her mini Australian Shepherd, "All Hat, No Cattle".

Mrs. Stading earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music (voice) from the University of Texas at Austin \m/ and her Master’s in Education from Texas State University. The past twelve of her twenty years in education have been in IB schools—as a parent, teacher, PYP Coordinator, & MYP Coordinator. Since 2010, Mrs. Stading has been a part of the IB Educator Network, leading workshops and conducting school verification and evaluation visits across the country for IB. Outside of work, Mrs. Stading enjoys spending as much time as possible with her wonderful husband, daughter and son and their four very big dogs.    

Ms. Edson earned her BA in Classical Languages from Trinity University, and her masters from the University of Texas at Austin. She has served Round Rock ISD since 1997, formerly teaching Latin and English at Westwood High School. Ms. Edson’s most treasured experiences include growing up in upstate New York, studying in Italy, spending a summer working on an archaeological excavation in Tunisia, and hiking in Oregon with her sweetheart. She loves traveling (but has a fear of flying)! Ms. Edson is a word nerd and a lover of language. She spends her free time finding peace in nature, working on creative projects, and playing the piano. If money were no object and she could do anything in the world for a living, she would buy a farm, rescue animals and rehabilitate them as therapy animals for people who’ve experienced trauma.

IB Faculty

Group 1:

Language A: English--Language & Literature

Eblen pic.jpg
Ms. Lesley Eblen

IB English HL Years I & II

Ms. Nancy Tarpley

IB French SL

IB French ab initio SL

Screenshot 2022-09-22 121913.jpg
Ms. Veronica Smalley

IB Spanish SL 

IB Spanish ab initio SL

Mr. Tyler Wright

IB German SL

IB German ab initio SL

Mr. Jonathan Thomas

IB History of the Americas HL Year II

Mr. Jeff Canfield

History of the Americas HL Year I

Ms. Cassie Youngblood

IB Psychology SL

Ms. Li Miao

IB Computer Science  HL./SL

Ms. Esther Jeong

IB Physics SL/HL

Ms. Elyssa Cherry

IB Biology HL Year II

IB Chemistry SL/HL Year 1

Ms. Jessica Fowler

IB Biology SL/HL Year I

Dr. Valerie Berthelier Jung

IB Chemistry HL Year II

Mr. Jordan Gellash Francis

IB Mathematics:

Approaches & Analysis SL

Tablizos Stick & Puck.jpg
Mr. Dennis Tablizo

IB Mathematics:

Applications and Interpretations SL

Ms. Nikki Mireles

IB Visual Arts SL/HL

Mr. Ryan White

IB Theory of Knowledge

CAS Coordinator

EE Coordinator

Group 2:

Ms. Nancy Tarpley received a degree in French Education at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.  She taught French at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in Florida for twenty years before coming to Texas to be closer to family.  She attended a Masters program in Angers, France and has enjoyed hosting many French chaperones as part of a student cultural exchange program.  Her hobbies are horseback riding and belly dancing.   

Ms. Smalley graduated from Laredo State University in 1991 and is working on her Master’s at Texas State University.  She is honored to be one of the original "Founding Faculty" members at SPHS and cannot think of being anywhere else.  Her certifications are in English, Spanish and ESL, but her passion is in teaching Spanish.  When not teaching, Mrs. Smalley likes to spend time with family in San Antonio and Laredo. A friend to all animals, she shares her home with dogs and cats.  Ms. Smalley particularly loves to help those who are less fortunate and in need.   Her interests are going to cultural events, going to the movies, listening to world music and doing art.

Mr. Tyler Wright received a Bachelor of Arts degree in German from the University of Texas in 2013. He also completed the UTeach teacher preparation course and received his certification the same year. While at UT, he was blessed with an opportunity to complete Germanic Studies at the Universität Würzburg. He is looking forward to teaching IB and German at SPHS.

Ms. Jeong has been a member of the IB Diploma Programme faculty for three years. When not teaching Physics, she is an active member of her church.

Ms. Cherry graduated from Texas State University with a B.S. in Microbiology/Biochemistry, decided it wasn't enough torture and went back to earn her M.S. in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Texas at Austin. She spent time as a contractor hopping from laboratory to laboratory, working in toxicology, food safety test design, and clinical trials before deciding subjecting students to terrible dad jokes and science was a much preferred profession. She started at Stony Point in 2018 and still teaches biology to this day.

Mrs. Nikki Mireles attended Texas State University where she received a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in ceramics. This his her third year at Stony Point. 

Mr. Tablizo is excited to start his 4th year of teaching and 1st year as an IB Math instructor. He graduated college with a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics, and he also earned a major in Physics, and a major in Computer Science. After graduating college, he spent 30+ years in corporate America, filling roles like computer programmer, network administrator, engineering manager, program manager and financial advisor. Tutoring students for the SAT/ACT tests and coaching hockey inspired Mr. Tablizo to switch careers and become an educator. His other interests include sports, music and travel.

Ms. Eblen has been teaching at the secondary level since 2016. In her previous career, she oversaw academic support programs and taught writing and literature at the university level. She holds a Master of Arts in Literature from Texas State University, and she lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and her Jack Russell terrier mix, Helo. Besides teaching, Ms. Eblen's passions include hiking, rescue dogs, video games, and tabletop role-playing games.  

Language B: French, Spanish, German

Mr. Canfield is in his 24th year of teaching, having taken a seven year hiatus to both attend law school, and become a stay at home father of his then one-year-old son. Eventually, Mr. Canfield realized that he missed the vitality and the thirst of knowledge that students bring to a classroom. He therefore returned to his first love, teaching. In the past, Mr. Canfield has taught many different subjects such as Law Enforcement, Economics, and AP European History. At this time, Mr. Canfield teaches AP Government, and IB History of the Americas. In addition to being a teacher, Mr. Canfield enjoys reading, playing computer games and various sports.

Group 4:

Group 5:

Mathematics: Analysis & Applications

Experimental Sciences: Comp Sci, Physics, Bio, Chem

Individuals & Societies: History & Psychology

Group 3:

Before joining Stony Point High School, Ms.Miao was a high school math teacher in China and Bastrop ISD. She has also worked as a software engineer in high tech. Ms.Miao holds multiple degrees: a master degree in Computer Science from San Jose State University, a master degree in Applied Mathematics from Beijing Normal University and a bachelor of Mathematics degree from Shandong Normal University. She loves hiking and gardening.

Mr. Ryan White earned his Liberal Arts degree in English and Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. He taught for four years before joining SPHS in 2004 and is currently the CAS coordinator for IB at SPHS. Mr. White and his wonderful wife, Kristy, have two daughters, Hannah and Sydney. When not teaching,  music is an important part of his life; he has played the saxophone and guitar professionally for over 25 years. Mr. White's other hobbies include photography, cooking, spending time with his family.  He used to love the Spurs. 

Mrs. Fowler Neal graduated from the University of North Texas with a B.S. in Biology, and later earned her M.S. in Environmental Science from Arkansas State. She worked in wildlife rehabilitation at UNT, ornithology research (Atwater's Prairie Chickens, Henslow's Sparrows and Eastern Bluebirds) at UNT, Emporia State University and Arkansas State, and previously worked at Lanier (Navarro) HS in Austin. She started at Stony Point in 2015, and has taught Advanced and IB Biology. At home Mrs. Fowler Neal has two small humans as well as three cats and a dog.

Ms. Cassie Youngblood received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Texas in 2021. She also completed the UTeach teacher preparation course and received her certification the same year.  Ms. Youngblood has a Russian Blue kitten named "Toast" and enjoys being outdoors when the weather is nice.

Mr. Francis graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. During his time at Texas A&M, Mr. Francis discovered that he really enjoyed the math behind the engineering principles. His profound appreciation for math and wanting to share that with others is what encouraged Mr. Francis to take up teaching as a first-year teacher at his alma mater, Stony Point High School. Mr Francis is also the proud dad of two cats and is a huge film buff. 


The IB Core:

Group 6:

Visual Arts

Mr. Thomas graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Sociology where he also ran Track.  He teaches Economics and Government in addition to IB History of the Americas.  He has two young children that he enjoys spending time with and he loves taking the whole family on adventures in the summertime and camping on the weekends.   He volunteers at trail running races where he regularly watches people finish 100 mile races. He has a really sweet dog named Marlowe who enjoys laying on her bed and chasing squirrels. 

Before teaching chemistry at Stony Point High School, Dr. Berthelier was a Research Assistant Professor for 12  years at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. She worked on understanding protein folding and misfolding associated with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s diseases as well as identifying/designing small molecules to be used as potential therapeutics. In addition, as a core Faculty Professor, she taught at the Vet school and at the Genome and Science Technology PhD program of U. Tennessee. Dr. B. holds a BS and a MS in Biochemistry and a PhD in Molecular Biophysics from University of Paris in France. At home she is experimenting with a high schooler, a dog, and a cat.

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