IB Registration

Step 1:  Contact the IB Coordinator.


Step 2:  Meet with IB Coordinator to discuss program components or attend a parent info night. 

Step 3:  Notify your alpha counselor of your intent to join IB. You'll then be transferred to the IB Counselor's roster.


Step 4:  In the Spring of the 10th grade year, the IB Counselor will meet with your child to develop his/her individual IB Graduation Plan.


Step 5: When selecting courses each year, follow SPHS  IB Prep or IB Graduation Plan as developed by the IB Counselor and with IB Coordinator approval.



Ms. Andi Brosché

Diploma Programme Coordinator

Tel:(512) 428.7026

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Contact Us

Mrs. Janet Stading

Middle Years Programme Coordinator

Tel:(512) 428.7063

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